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Smoke Shop in Anaheim, California
This explains why the Blue Unit this 12 months traverses the Tehachapi Loop 4 or more instances during its California portion of the 2012 tour. however the energy to relocate the circus train is locomotives from the host railroad, in Anaheim’s case Union Pacific. Service animals ought to stay on a leash or in a harness and underneath the management of the owner at all times. Due to the character of some sights, service animals may not be permitted to journey.
Also, this yr I noticed that the trucks on the flat automobiles were blue. However, there was one red pickup truck and I presume there was a have to take that piece of pink unit gear onto the blue unit train. A Train Master from a past circus practice told me that the most effective engineers to tug a mixed freight like the circus practice have been older engineers who had passenger experience.
Many of the elephants on the Blue Unit have been born into the Ringling Bros. While discussing YouTube and the Circus Train, Joe proudly confirmed me the time the Challenger pulled the Circus Train to celebrate a Ringling Anniversary. The energy to tug the 61-automobile train during moves is ordered from the railroad firm that owns the tracks.

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The Gold Unit, which travels by truck, visits cities the place the trains don’t or cannot go. This show uses some of the costumes and riggings from the prepare items and is made up each year. The train models visit 90 cities and travels 50,000 miles in its 2-year run. “And they’re off!” Blue shirts are animal handlers and, if they are holding a rope, they’re performers and different circus employees doing the ‘escorting’ as an extra pay responsibility. A semi-truck pulled up and I believe these two mom elephants had been loaded into the trailer from the facet next to the practice. Two younger elephants have been unloaded from the train as nicely , and loaded into the semi for a ride to the sector somewhat than strolling.
I additionally noticed that they’ve electric followers and water misters within the elephant cars as well. When the circus train arrives in a metropolis, there may be an ‘Inbound Inspection’ the place the circus prepare crew inspects the entire undercarriage and other features under the train. A few occasions a 12 months there’s a prepare inspection by an impartial, outside agency. New issues within the works for the practice is a new No. 3 elephant car. I perceive that the massive Chinese troop has 2 cars on the train with their very own kitchen. Other troops with their very own vehicles are the Teeterboard group and the Torres Family car. I proceeded to the tracks close to the sector , but the animal vehicles weren’t but there.
The black cages on the second flat are for the tigers and lions, which don’t journey by practice, however quite by air conditioned vans. The locomotive in the photograph above actually does not exist, however is an artist rendition. Ringling may own swap engines at their Florida rail yard where automobiles are rebuilt for the circus prepare, however I even have not seen the colour scheme or style of any of these locomotives. This rotary wrecker is the sort that is contracted at each venue to drag the circus wagons from the flat automobiles via city streets to the arenas. When the horses and elephants had been loaded, the 4 animal vehicles have been moved toward the location of the residential vehicles and would turn into the first 4 vehicles in the consist–the smoothest riding of all cars. Eventually this first set became 7 related circus wagons and it was pulled the total length of the 21 piggy-back automobiles and locked in place.
Tigers in the show are transported by truck, not on the practice, and had been already on the area. Those holding the yellow rope are clowns, dancers, and other performers within the circus incomes extra money as escorts.
They are the trendy-day “Flying Squadron”–staff who arrive first to set up the show. They carry the cats and other supplies for the circus, and usually are on site previous to the arrival of the train. The train carries forty nine circus wagons plus the cellular female angled domeless quartz nail cages for shifting the cats from their outside cages to the sector for every efficiency. The circus wagons carry the ‘bull tubs’ , the metal globe for the Torres Family motorcycle act, plus wardrobe, concessions, lighting, rigging, and so on.

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Barnum had two of his companions, William Cameron Coup and Dan Costello, give you a system to load the circus wagons on to railroad flat cars. Using a system of inclined planes, referred to as runs, and crossover plates between cars, they developed a system of ropes and pulleys, along with a snubber submit to get the wagons on and off of the flat cars. They used horses to pull the wagons up the run and then would hitch a second staff to pull it down the run automobiles .
He responded that there were lots of girls from Brazil on the prepare they usually don’t seem to wear many clothes in Brazil. The illustration beneath is of a automotive that had 8 rooms in a automobile. This Utility Area has an over/under washer/dryer and if there aren’t any showers within the rooms in that automotive, there are two showers on this area. My favorite half is the vestibule on the top of the automotive. extensive hallway down one facet with the rooms taking over the remaining 5 feet of the 8-ft. This is similar to the higher level of an Amtrak Sleeper Car on the Bedroom half of the car .
  • There is a middle door in the automobile, between the 2 1/2-automotive apartments, which may be required as an emergency exit.
  • When the circus practice arrives in a metropolis, there’s an ‘Inbound Inspection’ the place the circus prepare crew inspects the whole undercarriage and other options under the train.
  • Another, the last operating carnival train within the United States, is operated within the east by Strates Shows.
  • You can see, behind the loader, the stands used to carry the ramps that may go from this flat automobile to the road crossing.
  • Elephants and Horses from the four ‘stocks’ railroad automobiles of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Train within the background.

Union Pacific provides the facility and Joe decides how much power is needed relying on the terrain of the transfer. Since the move into and out of the Los Angeles area entails going by way of the Cajon Pass and the Tehachapi Mountains, he ordered three 6-axle locomotives. Notice how fast the people need to walk/run to keep up with the elephants’ common strolling pace. This yr there were elephants, horses , however I didn’t see any Lead Stock (llamas, ponies, and so forth.) despite the fact that there are some in the show. The elephants are lined up abreast, but flip and stroll single file, trunk-and-tail to the arena. I mentioned that I beloved the act where all the elephants put their front toes on the elephant in front of them.

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You will hear me say, “See you in LA” and “Hello” a couple of occasions. Many passengers had been in the vestibules, as a result of it was cooler now, and I may see them as they handed beneath me. Most have been taking their own photos of the prepare as it curved back up Cajon Pass to the summit.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circuses separately and collectively grew to dominate live leisure by way of their frequent purchases of many other American circuses. In modern times, they journey in two circus trains, the blue unit and the purple unit, following an alternating two-12 months schedule to convey a new present to every location once a year. The RBBB circus trains are multiple mile (1.6 km) in size, and include residing quarters for the performers and animal keepers. There are additionally particular inventory cars for the unique animals and flatcars for the transportation of circus wagons, gear, and even a bus used for native transportation at efficiency sites. In 1957, ‘fifty eight, and ‘fifty nine they moved the circus by truck except the elephants and horses which moved by train.
The following Press Release is about Joe Colossa, Blue Unit Trainmaster. The full Tehachapi Loop with the Blue Unit Circus Train’s sixty one vehicles crossing over the entry tunnel of the loop. Guests should vacate their Disney Resort resort rooms on the end of their stay, on the date and time set forth of their reservation affirmation. When worn by younger Guests, masks must provide unobstructed peripheral imaginative and prescient always with openings that enable the eyes to be fully seen. Proper apparel, including sneakers and shirts, have to be worn always.

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Thanks to fellow Field Reporter, Chris Guenzler, for the following list and the work he did researching every automobile. The 4 stocks house nine Asian elephants and an array of 6 to 10 majestic present horses plus two miniature ponies. First, On far right see the prepare crossing a bridge, heading for the loop.
I did notice the circus wagon flat vehicles have been there, so I proceeded through the Honda Center parking zone to Auto Center Drive. I may the kind pen storm e nail bubbler tell by the alignment of the wagons and tractors that unloading can be on Auto Center Drive. I arrived there 2 hours earlier than the introduced Animal Walk time.
The Pie Car has a prot�g� called Pie Car Jr. which travels from the train yard to the arenas to feed the performers and employees. Each 12 months, an average of 1,000 hours is spent traveling by prepare from city to city. Barnum calls his circus, which travels by rail, The Greatest Show On Earth�. PS I had met Carmen Torres in 2010 in the Pie Car of the Blue Unit in Commerce, CA, the place she was performing on this identical act. You can see her picture at This exhibits the proximity of the passing train to my picture spot. during which I traveled from San Diego to Bakersfield eight/27/12.

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This Surfliner had unusual Genesis power usually seen on lengthy-distance trains. Ever-on-obligation Joe stored a watchful eye on the flats as we headed via honeycomb screen bowl San Diego. George also ready a supper of burgers for us the earlier evening.
The average distance the Ringling Bros. circus prepare travels between cities is 350 miles. Service animals are not allowed within the water—including water features/fountains. The Disneyland Resort Kennel Club requires proof of vaccinations for cats and canine getting into the kennel, together with service animals. I am forever indebted to Joe Colossa, Blue Unit Trainmaster of the RBBX Train, for this incredible alternative to experience the Circus Train.
It entered on the left of the picture, progressed via the loop, and exited on the higher proper of the photo. The elephants and other circus animals are on show ninety minutes earlier than showtime in selected cities like Anaheim. I talked with this young man who was an escort in the Animal Walk. He stated he was a clown from North Carolina and yes, he lived on the train.
Smoke Shop in Anaheim, California
The off loading was much the identical as loading, but a snubber publish was used to assist break the wagons’ descent down the run. Nataly Komova , first used in 1872, is still used at present by the RBBBC, though via extra fashionable methods. The final two cars are typical with a tractor and 6 to eight circus wagons that might be pulled to the world. All the wagons were in sets with a tractor so they can be pulled off the flats and reconnected to local, large wreckers and pulled to the arena. Not till this final view of the circus prepare underway was I in a position to see that the red circus wagons were open-topped. This wagon is holding the stands used in the elephant act.

However, there are periodic bonuses to staff in the circus. Since they are going to be leading the parade to the sector they’re ‘dressed’ of their Blue globes representing the Blue Unit of the circus and practice.
Smoke Shop in Anaheim, California
He stated, “That act known as The Long Mount and is older than I am,” and smiled. Joe Colossa, Blue Unit Trainmaster, talks with Event Security whereas awaiting the arrival of the 4 shares with the elephants and horses. Ringling Press Releases had introduced that the Animal Walk would take place at 4 pm, in this case 2 days earlier than the first performance. I was glad to have acquired this press release as a result of annually some of my readers e-mail me asking when the stroll will take place and this yr I was able to inform them the time. Those readers noticed me on the stroll and advised me they were glad to have had the knowledge, and that their regular supply of data had provided nothing in the best way of a time for the stroll this yr. Dave pulls the first three wagons onto the crossing, makes a ninety diploma turn, and continues to the Arena parking zone.
chased the prepare in San Diego and Orange Counties and you’ll see his photos at As we handed Wave Crest Resort in Del Mar, the place Sue and I actually have a timeshare, I pointed it out to Joe. Since I spent most of my time in the vestibule, even through sizzling San Bernardino, I felt somewhat like dehydrated beef jerky by the top of the journey, but it was a possibility I was not going to overlook. Most of this journey I had both sides of the train from which to photograph, with nobody else in the identical vestibule. However, I additionally seen “Ever-Vigilant-Joe” pulled out his radio to cease the practice.

Large jacks support each side of the car to stabilize towards tipping. circus worker from Florida, Dave P., oversees the location of the supports. The proximity of the flats and the arena is proven here with the arena on the left across a large parking lot, the crossing on which unloading takes place, and the flats on the tracks to the proper. My Rail Friend, Don Roe, called me four hours earlier than the scheduled stroll and stated the Circus Train was touring down Santa Ana Street in Anaheim. This is where the prepare does some avenue running where the tracks are level with and in the heart of an everyday metropolis road.
I talked about that the show runs for two years, however he mentioned the clowns and dancers have 1-year contracts allowing them to resume their contract and maybe get a raise in pay for the second 12 months. His room on the practice sounds like the size of a Amtrak Bedroom, with a hallway along the facet of the automobile, not down the center as with Amtrak roomettes. He has a bed, sink, TV, and cooks everything on a George Foreman. When it is time to jump to a brand new site, all he has to do is put a bungie wire over his TV. Joe left the circus wagon unloading saying that at three pm they were to move the animal automobiles into place for the Animal Walk and that he needed to supervise that. Ringling train crew arrives to unload the sixty four circus wagons.
Still pictures in this report present views of what was in the open-topped cars. At the tip of the photo you’ll be able to see Chris Guenzler walking across the tracks at a crossing, and a white truck of railfans heading out. This 12 months Train Master, Joe, proudly stated that the Red Unit was 2 automobiles shorter than his Blue Unit.
Joe was working the Bobcat transferring the ramp from the set of flats that had already been loaded to the second set of flats. In the photo above, I like “The Greatest Show on Earth” globe on the adjoining car and the Silver Rails on this photo and I assume the blurred sign tower indicates our maximum velocity of 60 mph. I guess sundown on the desert is to some “The Greatest Show on Earth” particularly when you are on the “Longest Private Train in the World”. North of Victorville, the tracks parallel old Route 66 and I observed some remnants of previous time railroading and driving on The Mother Road. Being over a mile lengthy, the Circus Train can be properly up the hill and one can still photograph the flats following alongside.
And like Amtrak passengers, greetings and feedback are made once friends from completely different vehicles reach their vacation spot. Individual pictures are of railfans and/or circus fans who had contacted me by e-mail to search out out when the animal stroll was scheduled. The first automotive within the reduce, referred to as the Ramp Car, has the supports and ramps for unloading the flats in ‘Circus Loading’ style premium edition slim oil pen. This end loading/unloading system was invented by Ringling employees as talked about above. Another, the last operating carnival practice within the United States, is operated within the east by Strates Shows. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus puts out many Press Releases about the circus, however I am especially pleased that additionally they include a bio.
Then, goes round again to push these wagons up and make a connection. This transfer began after the Sunday evening efficiency, August 5, exactly 50 years after the dying of Marilyn Monroe. Joe talked about that Marilyn Monroe had ridden a pink circus elephant at Madison Square Garden in 1955. I found some nonetheless pictures and a video on-line and can put the hyperlink at the finish of this report. Ringling Bros. has the largest herd of Asian elephants in the Western Hemisphere, and essentially the most successful breeding program.
Current prepare cars wouldn’t have as much slack as prior to now, but the elephants still are housed in the first four cars. In reality, due to the slack between automobiles, the final flat automobile, the last car within the 61 automobile practice, doesn’t move until the locomotive has moved about forty ft, so that can be fairly a jolt even with right now’s tools. Joe has an extended heritage within the circus, 4 generations to be exact. He was once a juggler, however it was when he labored with elephants that he determined he needed to be a trainmaster. That want empire glassworks large penis pipe has come true and he wishes he might discover the person who advised him he would change his mind one hundred occasions before he selected a profession, however he by no means changed from wanting to be a trainmaster. Since we were talking about elephants I asked about the rules for exercising the animals on a long bounce from one metropolis to a different. Joe mentioned the rule is that if the run is 750 miles or longer, they unload ‘the girls’ to train and water them, even though they all the time have water in the cars.
Chris’ analysis on the Circus Train calls the flat car with the bus the ‘ramp automobile’. You can see, behind the loader, the stands used to carry the ramps that may go from this flat car to the street crossing.
After the primary year, they go to Orlando for refurbishing and time off for the performers of about 3 weeks. At the top of the second 12 months, in mid-November, they go to Tampa for a couple of month to tackle the brand new show. The Red Unit and Blue Unit reveals are made up new every 2 years, and they go to reverse halves of the US each year so nobody city ever sees the identical show.
Ringling train staff have been just arriving to arrange the ramps for unloading the forty nine circus wagons. It took an hour to set the ramps, brace them, check for security, and start pulling the wagons from the flat vehicles onto the intersection and further to the Honda Center. At the circus wagon unloading, Joe Colossa, Blue Unit Trainmaster, mentioned he would welcome an interview by me for We set the date for the following Saturday at noon, after the primary efficiency in Anaheim on Friday evening. We agreed to meet in the Pie Car the place the residential coaches had been tied up close to Lewis St. and Katella Avenue. The residential vehicles are cut up into two equal cuts of about 18 automobiles each which fit on two of the 4 or 5 storage tracks in that space. That morning when I arrived on the Pie Car, I seen that Joe and his crew had been eradicating the western-most set of disconnected tracks that ran parallel to the circus prepare.
Service animal means a canine or miniature horse that’s trained to do work or perform tasks for, and to help, an individual with a disability. All other animals, together with emotional help, consolation or companion animals, aren’t thought-about service animals.

The Anaheim Police appeared to be a bit late in blocking visitors through the intersection in comparison with earlier years. However, Head Outlets Inside 50 Miles Of Charlotte ended about this same time in the close by Angels Stadium which difficult things a bit. However, the animals took precedences and they had been all moved safely to their arena accommodations. Nicely painted circus wagons like the one under, when emptied, will be positioned around the venue’s property as billboards to tell the area people that the circus is on the town. At this point the Bobcat is unloaded and off to the aspect.
The bridge that permits the circus wagons to be pulled the complete length of the flats and unloaded at the finish of the run of cars, “Railroad Loading” type. Finally, Joe needed me to say this about railfans who take movies of the circus practice when it is on a transfer from one metropolis to a different. The following day he appears on YouTube for these videos as a examine of the gear. Since he cannot observe the flats from inside ask he can a coach automobile whereas in route, he makes use of railfans movies to watch and hear for defects such a flat wheel. Then while in a city he can have his train crew attend to anything he has seen within the movies of the transfer.
Smoke Shop in Anaheim, California
Sonny, the gray haired gentleman , handles the elephants in the present. He advised me that Feld owns the elephants, and someone else owns the cats. He additionally talked the kind pen ccell 510 tank about that there are 16 vehicles that carry cargo for the circus including the cats which have been already at the venue.
In 1959 a 15-automotive practice was began, no flats, with gutted coaches which carried circus wagons. These cars had canvas ends and have been loaded railroad fashion with bridges between the cars for pulling wagons by way of. By 1960 there were many arenas, so they began a second practice unit in 1968. In winter of they built the Blue Unit which was painted white until the 70s once they painted it silver like the other prepare. To determine the Blue Unit prepare look for the “Blue Globe” on each of the automobiles or items of kit, not the colour of the lettering. To identify the unit whereas watching the circus, notice the globes on the foreheads of the elephants, they are blue for the blue unit and pink for the red unit. This shade identification runs further, but much less noticeable, such as in the colour of the shirts worn by escorts as they maintain the rope between the animals and spectators in the course of the animal stroll.
There is a middle door in the car, between the two 1/2-car apartments, which may be required as an emergency exit. Joe also talked about that there are two academics for the kids of these residing on the practice. There are 30-some children who are taught by these two academics. Around 300 folks, from 30 totally different nationalities, together with one hundred thirty five performers, live on the train. They pay $10 per week for the accommodations and that’s because federal legislation requires a charge since they travel between states on the tour. Back when it was $5 per week, I had heard that they got the complete quantity back if they stayed with the show the complete tour, that is now not the case.

For the consolation of all Guests, the theme parks, the Esplanade between the parks and the Downtown Disney District are smoke free. The smoking of tobacco, e-cigarettes or different products that produce a vapor or smoke is allowed only in designated out of doors smoking areas. Guests might not smoke in Disney Resort lodge rooms, on patios or balconies. | Some actually do run away to join the circus, an article about some Blue Unit Performers by Kim O’Brien Root. Marilyn Monroe’s nonetheless photographs of her using a pink circus elephant in 1955. How the bridge seems rigged for operating, with a circus wagon onboard.
The coaches on the Circus Train are in-built varied configurations, the largest accommodations being half of a automobile. Half-vehicles journey near the front of the practice and have vestibules in the course of the automobile. This is the biggest accommodation of the prepare and usually is the house of the Trainmaster, Ringmaster, General Manager, etc. Only one of these 1/2 automotive lodging is accessible from the remainder of the coaches while the practice is underway, and that’s the Trainmaster’s lodging. My 1/6-car-room was in one of many 4 cars within the foreground.
Smoke Shop in Anaheim, California
Many mother and father and kids, city employees, railroad workers, and passersby were readily available to watch the circus animals walk from the train to the Honda Center. The announced time was 4 pm, and two UP change engines pushed the 4 shares into place about that point. A bus of escorts and animal handlers from the coaches pulled in and took up their positions. This escorting job is known as “Cherry Pie” for the performers as a result of it is a probability to make extra cash. All the escorts I spoke to live on the practice and are clowns, dancers, or different performers. Barnum Circus had grown so massive that it was determined that they would only play at massive venues, and that they would journey by practice.
Barnum & Bailey Blue Unit Circus Train heading downgrade after Cajon Summit. You will hear me taking nonetheless pictures because the practice handed under me at the left, via a reduce.
I mentioned that I had seen the Red Unit final 12 months undergo San Luis Obispo and he responded that the Red Unit had 2 less cars than the Blue Unit. Two sets of extra wheels are carried on the practice, this is how they’re transported and obtainable when wanted. Before I left, Joe took me to his half of automobile residing quarters on the prepare where his wife, Carmen of the Torres Family Troop, and his two daughters stay on the practice. Entering their quarters from the vestibule there’s a kitchen with sink and stove along the left wall and eating table alongside the proper. Further into the automotive is a couch on the best and an organ! Finally by way of a sliding door is the youngsters’ bunk beds and play area. I would guess the area is just like 6 Amtrak Deluxe Rooms (half of a automobile), however with no hallway down the aspect like the Amtrak bedrooms.

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Barnum Circus left Columbus, Ohio, it traveled on the first circus-owned practice. It was made up of sixty automobiles, including forty-five flatcars carrying about 100 wagons. so 3 separate safety forces hold the circus train very secure.
Another couple of workers have been working preparing the wagons to be unloaded and putting down the bridges between the flats. Dave used the tractor to drag off the first set of wagons, 3 at a time and places them in the Arena parking zone. Circus loading requires bridge plates at every end of all vehicles to enable the wagons and tractor to move from automobile to car. Circus trains have at all times been enjoyed by the populace due to their unusual nature and photogenic qualities. Circus trains have proven properly-fitted to the transportation of heavy tools and animals , despite tragic accidents through the years. the circus practice, getting videos of it underway in California. In the previous, my stories have begun with the Animal Walk when the elephants, horses, and sometimes different animals are unloaded from the 4 ‘shares’ and walked to the Honda Center.
My knowledge of the operation of the Circus Train is far more correct and complete now. The braces for the ramps on the end of the row of flat cars. As you know, it’s unlawful to open the vestibules on an Amtrak Train. True, non-public automobiles have open vestibules and platforms, but if they’re filled with riders you do not have 72 more decisions to go to. The first order of enterprise was for the BNSF locomotives to connect the coaches to the flats.
| An Interview of Blue Unit Ringmaster Johnathan Lee Iverson about residing aboard the Ringling Bros. circus train. The elephants lined up 5 abreast, with their backs to the prepare, while the animal handlers unloaded and set up the ramps for boarding. The first tractor pulls the primary two circus wagons up the ramp. In this night’s case about 10 pm the animal automobiles are dropped at the loading spot. Among railfans online, there was quite a dialogue as to why the Blue Unit Train didn’t go by way of the coastal route. At the loading I asked Joe this question and he said the siding limit is 60 automobiles and this unit has 61.
Clothing that drags on the bottom is prohibited in theme parks. We reserve the best to deny admission to or remove any particular person carrying apparel that we contemplate inappropriate or attire that could detract from the expertise of different Guests. Visible tattoos that might be thought-about inappropriate, such as those containing objectionable language or designs, usually are not permitted. There are particular costume pointers for special events such as Halloween parties; please refer to the extra insurance policies relevant to those events. These rules are topic to change at any time without discover. Smoking marijuana or other unlawful substances isn’t permitted at any time.
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